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Astrid B.



Grab a blanket and make yourself some tea, because Astrid B. will pull you into her soothing universe of calm melancholy. Mixing indie pop with a feel of old rock, her music invites you to look within, finding your place in the world and embracing your own darkness. 

Inspired by Nirvana, Cage The Elephant, and Isaac Gracie, her long-awaited EP “Ballads of a Young Mind” addresses dealing with depression and striving in an unforgiving world. Her first self-produced solo project includes layers of beautifully arranged tracks of strings, guitars and vocals.

After overcoming her classical music education, she started jamming all over Brussels, joining bands and writing her own songs. Her past collaborations include working as the lead singer of “Centauric Minds” and mixing for local musicians.



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New single 'Burn' OUT NOW

July 14, 2020



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Astrid B.

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